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Interoperability by vendor

IOS-XE interoperanility test cases

Test case status Description
intop1-bgp01 interop1: ebgp
intop1-bgp02 interop1: ibgp
intop1-bgp03 interop1: bgp locpref
intop1-bgp04 interop1: bgp origin
intop1-bgp05 interop1: bgp metric
intop1-bgp06 interop1: bgp community
intop1-bgp07 interop1: bgp aspath
intop1-bgp08 interop1: bgp with labels
intop1-bgp09 interop1: bgp addpath
intop1-bgp10 interop1: bgp prefix withdraw
intop1-bgp11 interop1: bgp vpnv4
intop1-bgp12 interop1: bgp authentication
intop1-bgp13 interop1: bgp vpnv6
intop1-bgp14 interop1: vpls/ldp over bgp
intop1-bgp15 interop1: vpls/bgp over bgp
intop1-bgp16 interop1: bgp extended community
intop1-bgp17 interop1: evpn/cmac over bgp
intop1-bgp18 interop1: bgp 6pe
intop1-bgp19 interop1: bgp aigp
intop1-bgp20 interop1: bgp with php labels
intop1-bgp21 interop1: bgp large community
intop1-bgp22 interop1: vpls/ldp cw over bgp
intop1-bgp23 interop1: bgp ao authentication
intop1-dhcp01 interop1: dhcp server
intop1-dhcp02 interop1: dhcp client
intop1-dns interop1: dns
intop1-eigrp01 interop1: eigrp
intop1-eigrp02 interop1: eigrp prefix withdraw
intop1-eth01 interop1: ethernet encapsulation
intop1-eth02 interop1: dot1q encapsulation
intop1-eth03 interop1: spantree nonroot
intop1-eth04 interop1: spantree root
intop1-eth05 interop1: point2point ethernet encapsulation
intop1-eth06 interop1: lacp
intop1-eth07 interop1: fragmentation and reassembly
intop1-eth08 interop1: sgt encapsulation
intop1-eth09 interop1: verify source
intop1-ike101 interop1: ike1 with ipv4
intop1-ike102 interop1: ike1 with ipv6
intop1-ike103 interop1: ike1 with 3des
intop1-ike104 interop1: ike1 with aes128cbc
intop1-ike105 interop1: ike1 with aes192cbc
intop1-ike106 interop1: ike1 with aes256cbc
intop1-ike107 interop1: ike1 with sha1
intop1-ike108 interop1: ike1 with sha256
intop1-ike109 interop1: ike1 with sha512
intop1-ike110 interop1: ike1 with group2
intop1-ike111 interop1: ike1 with group5
intop1-ike112 interop1: ike1 with group14
intop1-ike113 interop1: ike1 with group15
intop1-ike114 interop1: ike1 with group16
intop1-ike115 interop1: ike1 with group24
intop1-ike201 interop1: ike2 with ipv4
intop1-ike202 interop1: ike2 with ipv6
intop1-ike203 interop1: ike2 with 3des
intop1-ike204 interop1: ike2 with aes128cbc
intop1-ike205 interop1: ike2 with aes192cbc
intop1-ike206 interop1: ike2 with aes256cbc
intop1-ike207 interop1: ike2 with sha1
intop1-ike208 interop1: ike2 with sha256
intop1-ike209 interop1: ike2 with sha512
intop1-ike210 interop1: ike2 with group2
intop1-ike211 interop1: ike2 with group5
intop1-ike212 interop1: ike2 with group14
intop1-ike213 interop1: ike2 with group15
intop1-ike214 interop1: ike2 with group16
intop1-ike215 interop1: ike2 with group24
intop1-isis01 interop1: point2point isis
intop1-isis02 interop1: isis dis
intop1-isis03 interop1: isis nondis
intop1-isis04 interop1: isis narrow metric
intop1-isis05 interop1: isis te
intop1-isis06 interop1: isis multi-topology
intop1-isis07 interop1: isis prefix withdraw
intop1-isis08 interop1: isis text authentication
intop1-isis09 interop1: isis p2mp te
intop1-isis10 interop1: isis sr
intop1-isis11 interop1: isis lsp text authentication
intop1-isis12 interop1: isis php sr
intop1-isis13 interop1: isis te with pcep
intop1-isis14 interop1: integrated isis
intop1-isis15 interop1: isis md5 authentication
intop1-isis16 interop1: isis lsp md5 authentication
intop1-l2tp01 interop1: l2tp2 client
intop1-l2tp02 interop1: l2tp2 server
intop1-l2tp03 interop1: l2tp3 server
intop1-l2tp04 interop1: ethernet tunneling with l2tp3
intop1-ldp01 interop1: ldp lsp
intop1-ldp02 interop1: ethernet over mpls
intop1-ldp03 interop1: ldp p2mp lsp
intop1-ldp04 interop1: ldp mp2mp lsp
intop1-ldp05 interop1: ldp php lsp
intop1-ldp06 interop1: ldp over point2point ethernet
intop1-ldp07 interop1: ethernet over mpls cw
intop1-mcast01 interop1: igmp3/mld2
intop1-mcast02 interop1: pim
intop1-modem01 interop1: modem with alaw
intop1-modem02 interop1: modem with ulaw
intop1-ospf01 interop1: point2point ospf
intop1-ospf02 interop1: ospf dr
intop1-ospf03 interop1: ospf nondr
intop1-ospf04 interop1: ospf transit area
intop1-ospf05 interop1: ospf stub area
intop1-ospf06 interop1: ospf nssa area
intop1-ospf07 interop1: ospf te
intop1-ospf08 interop1: ospf prefix withdraw
intop1-ospf09 interop1: ospf text authentication
intop1-ospf10 interop1: ospf p2mp te
intop1-ospf11 interop1: ospf sr
intop1-ospf12 interop1: ospf php sr
intop1-ospf13 interop1: ospf te with pcep
intop1-ospf14 interop1: ospf md5 authentication
intop1-pppoe01 interop1: pppoe client
intop1-pppoe02 interop1: pppoe server
intop1-pppoe03 interop1: pppoe with pap
intop1-pppoe04 interop1: pppoe with chap
intop1-pppoe05 interop1: pppoe with eap
intop1-pppoe06 interop1: pppoe with long multilink fragmentation
intop1-radius interop1: radius
intop1-rip01 interop1: rip
intop1-rip02 interop1: rip prefix withdraw
intop1-rip03 interop1: rip authentication
intop1-ssh interop1: ssh
intop1-tacacs interop1: tacacs
intop1-tun01 interop1: gre tunnel
intop1-tun02 interop1: ipip tunnel
intop1-tun03 interop1: vxlan tunnel

IOS-XR interoperanility test cases

Test case status Description
intop2-bgp01 interop2: ebgp
intop2-bgp01 interop2: ebgp
intop2-bgp02 interop2: ibgp
intop2-bgp03 interop2: bgp locpref
intop2-bgp04 interop2: bgp origin
intop2-bgp05 interop2: bgp metric
intop2-bgp06 interop2: bgp community
intop2-bgp07 interop2: bgp aspath
intop2-bgp08 interop2: bgp with labels
intop2-bgp09 interop2: bgp addpath
intop2-bgp10 interop2: bgp prefix withdraw
intop2-bgp11 interop2: bgp vpnv4
intop2-bgp12 interop2: bgp authentication
intop2-bgp13 interop2: bgp vpnv6
intop2-bgp14 interop2: vpls/ldp over bgp
intop2-bgp15 interop2: vpls/bgp over bgp
intop2-bgp16 interop2: evpn/pbb over bgp
intop2-bgp17 interop2: bgp extended community
intop2-bgp18 interop2: bgp large community
intop2-bgp19 interop2: bgp vpnv4 over srv6
intop2-bgp20 interop2: bgp vpnv6 over srv6
intop2-bgp21 interop2: bgp 6pe
intop2-bgp22 interop2: evpn/vpws over bgp
intop2-bgp23 interop2: bgp aigp
intop2-bgp24 interop2: bgp with php labels
intop2-bgp25 interop2: bgp ao authentication
intop2-eigrp01 interop2: eigrp
intop2-eigrp02 interop2: eigrp prefix withdraw
intop2-eth01 interop2: ethernet encapsulation
intop2-eth02 interop2: dot1q encapsulation
intop2-eth03 interop2: dot1ad encapsulation
intop2-eth04 interop2: point2point ethernet encapsulation
intop2-eth05 interop2: lacp
intop2-eth06 interop2: fragmentation and reassembly
intop2-eth07 interop2: verify source
intop2-isis01 interop2: point2point isis
intop2-isis02 interop2: isis dis
intop2-isis03 interop2: isis nondis
intop2-isis04 interop2: isis narrow metric
intop2-isis05 interop2: isis te
intop2-isis06 interop2: isis multi-topology
intop2-isis07 interop2: isis prefix withdraw
intop2-isis08 interop2: isis text authentication
intop2-isis09 interop2: isis p2mp te
intop2-isis10 interop2: isis sr
intop2-isis11 interop2: isis lsp text authentication
intop2-isis12 interop2: isis php sr
intop2-isis13 interop2: isis te with pcep
intop2-isis14 interop2: integrated isis
intop2-isis15 interop2: isis bidir te
intop2-isis16 interop2: isis md5 authentication
intop2-isis17 interop2: isis lsp md5 authentication
intop2-ldp01 interop2: ldp lsp
intop2-ldp02 interop2: ethernet over mpls
intop2-ldp03 interop2: ldp p2mp lsp
intop2-ldp04 interop2: ldp mp2mp lsp
intop2-ldp05 interop2: ldp php lsp
intop2-ldp06 interop2: ldp over point2point ethernet
intop2-mcast01 interop2: igmp3/mld2
intop2-mcast02 interop2: pim
intop2-ospf01 interop2: point2point ospf
intop2-ospf02 interop2: ospf dr
intop2-ospf03 interop2: ospf nondr
intop2-ospf04 interop2: ospf transit area
intop2-ospf05 interop2: ospf stub area
intop2-ospf06 interop2: ospf nssa area
intop2-ospf07 interop2: ospf te
intop2-ospf08 interop2: ospf prefix withdraw
intop2-ospf09 interop2: ospf text authentication
intop2-ospf10 interop2: ospf p2mp te
intop2-ospf11 interop2: ospf sr
intop2-ospf12 interop2: ospf php sr
intop2-ospf13 interop2: ospf te with pcep
intop2-ospf14 interop2: ospf bidir te
intop2-ospf15 interop2: ospf md5 authentication
intop2-pppoe01 interop2: pppoe with pap
intop2-pppoe02 interop2: pppoe with chap
intop2-rip01 interop2: rip
intop2-rip02 interop2: rip prefix withdraw
intop2-rip03 interop2: rip authentication
intop2-tun01 interop2: gre tunnel
intop2-tun02 interop2: ipip tunnel

FRR interoperanility test cases

Test case status Description
intop8-bgp01 interop8: ebgp
intop8-bgp02 interop8: ibgp
intop8-bgp03 interop8: bgp locpref
intop8-bgp04 interop8: bgp origin
intop8-bgp05 interop8: bgp metric
intop8-bgp06 interop8: bgp community
intop8-bgp07 interop8: bgp aspath
intop8-bgp08 interop8: bgp with labels
intop8-bgp09 interop8: bgp addpath
intop8-bgp10 interop8: bgp prefix withdraw
intop8-bgp11 interop8: bgp authentication
intop8-bgp12 interop8: bgp extended community
intop8-bgp13 interop8: bgp large community
intop8-bgp14 interop8: bgp with php labels
intop8-bgp15 interop8: ebgp peer role
intop8-bgp16 interop8: ebgp ix role
intop8-eigrp01 interop8: eigrp
intop8-eth01 interop8: fragmentation and reassembly
intop8-eth02 interop8: verify source
intop8-isis01 interop8: point2point isis
intop8-isis02 interop8: isis dis
intop8-isis03 interop8: isis nondis
intop8-isis04 interop8: isis narrow metric
intop8-isis05 interop8: isis prefix withdraw
intop8-isis06 interop8: isis text authentication
intop8-isis07 interop8: integrated isis
intop8-isis08 interop8: isis lsp text authentication
intop8-isis09 interop8: isis lsp md5 authentication
intop8-isis10 interop8: isis md5 authentication
intop8-ldp01 interop8: ldp lsp
intop8-ldp02 interop8: ldp php lsp
intop8-mcast01 interop8: igmp3/mld2
intop8-mcast02 interop8: pim
intop8-ospf01 interop8: point2point ospf
intop8-ospf02 interop8: ospf dr
intop8-ospf03 interop8: ospf nondr
intop8-ospf04 interop8: ospf transit area
intop8-ospf05 interop8: ospf stub area
intop8-ospf06 interop8: ospf nssa area
intop8-ospf07 interop8: ospf prefix withdraw
intop8-ospf08 interop8: ospf text authentication
intop8-ospf09 interop8: ospf md5 authentication
intop8-rip01 interop8: rip

Junos interoperanility test cases

Test case status Description
intop9-bgp01 interop9: ebgp
intop9-bgp02 interop9: ibgp
intop9-bgp03 interop9: bgp locpref
intop9-bgp04 interop9: bgp origin
intop9-bgp05 interop9: bgp metric
intop9-bgp06 interop9: bgp community
intop9-bgp07 interop9: bgp aspath
intop9-bgp08 interop9: bgp with labels
intop9-bgp09 interop9: bgp addpath
intop9-bgp10 interop9: bgp prefix withdraw
intop9-bgp11 interop9: bgp vpnv4
intop9-bgp12 interop9: bgp authentication
intop9-bgp13 interop9: bgp vpnv6
intop9-bgp14 interop9: vpls/ldp over bgp
intop9-bgp15 interop9: vpls/bgp over bgp
intop9-bgp16 interop9: bgp extended community
intop9-bgp17 interop9: bgp large community
intop9-bgp18 interop9: bgp with php labels
intop9-bgp19 interop9: bgp ao authentication
intop9-bgp20 interop9: bgp with ctp
intop9-bgp21 interop9: bgp with php ctp
intop9-eth01 interop9: ethernet encapsulation
intop9-eth02 interop9: dot1q encapsulation
intop9-eth03 interop9: fragmentation and reassembly
intop9-eth04 interop9: verify source
intop9-isis01 interop9: point2point isis
intop9-isis02 interop9: isis dis
intop9-isis03 interop9: isis nondis
intop9-isis04 interop9: isis te
intop9-isis05 interop9: isis prefix withdraw
intop9-isis06 interop9: isis p2mp te
intop9-isis07 interop9: isis sr
intop9-isis08 interop9: isis lsp text authentication
intop9-isis09 interop9: isis php sr
intop9-isis10 interop9: integrated isis
intop9-isis11 interop9: isis bier
intop9-isis12 interop9: isis lsp md5 authentication
intop9-isis13 interop9: isis text authentication
intop9-isis14 interop9: isis md5 authentication
intop9-ldp01 interop9: ldp lsp
intop9-ldp02 interop9: ethernet over mpls
intop9-ldp03 interop9: ldp p2mp lsp
intop9-ldp04 interop9: ldp mp2mp lsp
intop9-ldp05 interop9: ldp php lsp
intop9-ospf01 interop9: point2point ospf
intop9-ospf02 interop9: ospf dr
intop9-ospf03 interop9: ospf nondr
intop9-ospf04 interop9: ospf transit area
intop9-ospf05 interop9: ospf stub area
intop9-ospf06 interop9: ospf nssa area
intop9-ospf07 interop9: ospf te
intop9-ospf08 interop9: ospf prefix withdraw
intop9-ospf09 interop9: ospf p2mp te
intop9-ospf10 interop9: ospf sr
intop9-ospf11 interop9: ospf php sr
intop9-ospf12 interop9: ospf bier
intop9-ospf13 interop9: ospf text authentication
intop9-ospf14 interop9: ospf md5 authentication
intop9-pppoe01 interop9: pppoe client
intop9-pppoe02 interop9: pppoe server
intop9-pppoe03 interop9: mpls over pppoe
intop9-rift01 interop9: point2point rift
intop9-rip01 interop9: rip