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Installation on Wedge 100BF-32(X or QS)

3 major steps

  • Check prerequisites
  • Boot into the ONIE environment
  • Install the RARE/freeRtr NOS image via ONIE


Assuming you are familiar with ONIE, the installation process should take about five minutes.


  • Wedge 100BF-32 hardware with ONIE partition pre-installed
    • Wedge 100BF-32X
    • Wedge 100BF-32QS


Wedge 100BF-32X and Wedge 100BF-32QS are very similar platforms. They both have 32 QSFP28 ports able to run at 10/25/40/100GE line rate. The first is equipped with the Intel Tofino T32D ASIC model with two pipelines (or cores if it helps to picture the difference). The latter is powered by the Intel Tofino T32Q ASIC which has 4 pipelines. Each pipeline is able to handle 16 interface ports. The Wedge 100BF-32QS has 2 additional pipes that are not tied to specific front panel ports. They can be leveraged to provide additional stages for packet processing.

  • DHCP server that serves IP addresses to
    • the BMC
    • and the Main Board CPU (or MBC): Where the Network Operating System will be effectively installed


If you can access the BMC through the Wedge 100BF-32 serial console, the DHCP server and Internet connectivity are optional. However, the installation process requires at least IP connectivity and that you can get SSH access to Main Board CPU. Connectivity to MBC will have to be enabled from BMC.

  • Wedge 100BF-32 BMC access either
    • via serial console port
    • or via BMC SSH


Please refer to EdgeCore documentation regarding BMC and MBC access procedure.

Boot into ONIE environment

  • Access the BMC via Serial or SSH
    ssh root@<bmc_ip>
    root@<bmc_ip>'s password:
    Last login: Sun Mar  8 07:18:41 2020 from
    (use your favorite search engine in order to retrieve BMC default password)
  • Power cycle MBC reset

  • Access the MBC from BMC

    You are in SOL session.
    Use ctrl-x to quit.
    <BMC boot messages>
    <wait for Grub menu to appear>

  • Choose ONIE rescue mode from Grub menu

RARE/freeRtr NOS image installation via ONIE

Now that you have rebooted MBC into ONIE rescue mode, there are 2 possible ways to install RARE/freeRtrt NOS:

  • Internet access is available from MBC

    • Launch RARE/freeRtr ONIE net-install
      root@bmc:~# onie-nos-install
  • WEDGE MBC air gapped installation

    • From a computer that has Internet connectivity
    • Copy RARE/freeRtr ONIE installer to MBC
      scp ./onie-installer.bin root@<mbc_ip>:~/
    • Log into the P4 switch either using BMC serial or SSH
      ssh root@<mbc_ip>
    • Launch RARE/freeRtr ONIE install from local file system
      onie# onie-nos-install /root/onie-installer.bin
      You should observe RARE/freeRtr installation work in progress. Once finished, the Wedge 100BF-32 will reboot.

And, «voilà !»

Congratulations, you have just installed RARE/freeRtr on your Wedge 100BF-32!

Happy networking!