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Example: interop2: pppoe with chap

Alt text


hostname r1
vrf def v1
 rd 1:1
int di1
 enc ppp
 vrf for v1
 ipv4 addr
 ipv6 addr fe80::1234 ffff::
 ppp ip4cp local
 ppp ip4cp open
 ppp ip6cp open
 ppp user usr
 ppp pass pwd
int eth1
 vrf for v1
 ipv4 address
int eth1.123
 p2poe client di1
aaa userlist aaa
 username usr password pwd
server radius v1
 authentication aaa
 secret tester
 vrf v1


hostname r2
aaa authorization subscriber default group radius
aaa authentication subscriber default group radius
radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 key tester
pool vrf default ipv4 p1
 type ppp dt1
  ppp authentication chap
  ppp ipcp peer-address pool p1
  ipv4 unnumbered Loopback0
  ipv6 enable
pppoe bba-group bg1
 ac name inet
 service selection disable
class-map type control subscriber match-any cm1
 match protocol ppp
policy-map type control subscriber pm1
 event session-start match-first
  class type control subscriber cm1 do-until-failure
   10 activate dynamic-template dt1
 event session-activate match-first
  class type control subscriber cm1 do-until-failure
   10 authenticate aaa list default
interface Loopback0
 ipv4 address
 ipv6 address 4321::2/128
interface gigabit0/0/0/0
 ipv4 address
 no shutdown
interface gigabit0/0/0/0.123
 encapsulation dot1q 123
 service-policy type control subscriber pm1
 pppoe enable bba-group bg1
r1 tping 100 60 vrf v1
r1 tping 100 60 vrf v1
  1. Install ContainerLab as described here
  2. Fetch intop2-pppoe02 file
  3. Launch ContainerLab intop2-pppoe02.yml topology:

   containerlab deploy --topo intop2-pppoe02.yml  
4. Destroy ContainerLab intop2-pppoe02.yml topology:

   containerlab destroy --topo intop2-pppoe02.yml  
5. Copy-paste configuration for each node in the lab topology

  1. Fetch or compile freeRtr rtr.jar file.
    You can grab it here
  2. Fetch intop2-pppoe02.tst file here
  3. Launch intop2-pppoe02.tst test:

   java -jar ../../rtr.jar test tester intop2-pppoe02 path ./ temp ./ wait
4. Destroy freeRtr intop2-pppoe02.tst test:

   Ctrl-C (In freeRtr test window)