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RARE/freeRtr installation

This section lists RARE/freeRtr routing platform possible installations. There multiple ways to achieve that. You can install every components in the same hardware similar to traditional router design, or even opt for a totally disaggregated model where all components are in different hardware and or virtual environment.

These components are:

  • freeRtr control plane software
  • target dataplane software
  • RARE interface software

While the control plane software and RARE interface can be deployed using a VM or container, the dataplane software installation will be vendor dependant. For example, if you implement RARE/freeRtr platform instance on INTEL/TOFINO P4 switch you'd have to follow INTEL's hardware installation guide and perform the dataplane software installation on a platform powered by P4 TOFINO ASIC.

In order to guarantee the best user experience, we strongly feel that the first encounter with a software is critical. Thus this section will expose ONLY simple procedure in order to provide:

  • an effortless installation
  • the best Open source router experience


Should you need mode information regarding a distributed installation approach, don't hesitate to engage with us via RARE/freeRtr mailing. Contact infornation can be found here

This article and this article can also help you understand how RARE/freeRtr can be deployed via a complete disaggregated model.


As a result, the following instllation guide will be restricted to popular platform. However, RARE/freeRtr by nature aims to be available on a variety of platform in a long term perspective. Therefore, expect additonal guides !

Happy networking !